Dr. Claudia Eppele

Claudia Eppele, MD.

An exceptional doctor specializing in Family Medicine with various subspecialties. Dr. Claudia Eppele, Chief Medical Officer, is a Board Certified Family Doctor located in Lakewood, California. As a primary care physician, Dr. Eppele provides  patient services including senior, adult, teen and pediatric care.

EPPELE MD, Family Practice is dedicated to you, your family and the health each can achieve.  Working together, you and your family will have a trusted expert you can rely on.  Experience ranges from general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, family practice, depression therapies and several years of medical research at USC’s Keck Medical School.

We leverage technology to your benefit so that you can book appointments online, re-order prescriptions without having to wait on-hold and get referrals to specialists with as little hassle as possible. Your family will experience healthcare the way you expect and was meant to be practiced, one on one, each person receiving the optimal attention.

Welcome… to EPPELE MD.