Managed Weight Loss

Physician Managed Weight Loss


Physician managed weight loss and related programs are only as good as the team involved in the process. You, Your Loved Ones, Friends and your healthcare professionals, including; psychology, meditation, physical therapists and dietician – all led and coordinated by a physician.

So, before any real lifestyle and behavior modification can begin

the question is…

“Are YOU Ready?”

The reality is that predicting a patient’s preparedness for this life changing processes includes variables that are not typically diagnosed or “seen” by most people, doctors, diet counselors or unmonitored programs. Understanding why you or the person you love is ready is undoubtedly the most important step to success.

Of course, easier said. Oddly, researchers have tried, and failed, to correlate and identify predictors of losing weight. So even before you step foot inside a physicians’ office, sit with a dietician or start that new fad diet – the likelihood is the effort will fail because the foundation that creates success missing. Sound familiar?

Your Readiness

Readiness to lose weight and the complex reasons associated with your success, one needs to consider a detailed evaluation of, including but certainly not limited to, the points that follow;

  • Reasons “Why” and the motivation behind the need to lose weight.
  • Attempts made at weight loss and its relevant history.
  • The support matrix of family, friends and healthcare professionals.
  • Gather as much information about risks and benefits of a well managed weight loss program
  • Your attitude toward physical activity
  • Attitudes or societal constraint regarding mental health and wellness professionals
  • Time limitation and availability.
  • Financial implications that may be necessary to adopt lifestyle medication.
  • Know Your “Why” and Create Your Foundation of Support.

Your “Why”

You may have had a life changing event, acquired diabetes, hospitalized for weight related illnesses, or just tired of it. But knowing “WHY” you want to loose weight is important to help you frame your specific needs for the next steps and create a positive pattern for the rest of your life. It creates and defines your purpose. This should be done through;

  • Talk Therapy,
  • Conversations with Family and Friends
  • And most importantly – self reflection

Creating Your Foundation of Support

Both clinical studies and anecdotal reports have reported that behavior affects results. Meaning, how you think, feel and react toward your environment directly affect your health. The most predictive finding for a modest, but consistent, lifestyle modification is whether or not a person can perform the behaviors required and adopt positive coping skills.

Who is included in a well planned Foundation of Support?

Most importantly, Your Loved Ones and Friends. They will be with you throughout your life and also need to be apart of this new path in your life. It is most helpful when they join you as you begin your physical and emotional transformation to modify your lifestyle (they may benefit too!).

Then your Healthcare Professionals.
A good physician managed weight loss program should include;

Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) who coordinates your overall wellness throughout the process especially those changes include diet or supplement modification.

Your PCP will also want to be made aware of or actually coordinate other healthcare professionals such as;

  • Psychologist or Therapist,
  • Meditation Therapist,
  • Physical Therapists or Trainer
  • and Dietician


Our opinion, find a Medical Doctor or DO who either specializes in or who has a subspecialty in managed weight loss programs.

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